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Happy New Year

All the best in the year ahead!Bear 1 January 2014

Bright days

There are some occasions that never pass without our noticing them. The summer solstice, the longest day in the northern hemisphere is such an event. Time seems to stop.  The wonderful light brightens our day to almost midnight.

For information about Irish traditions look at

And as it is also nearly time for school holidays Bear spent all day outside doing his mid summer gardening!

Bear tidies the lettuce

Happy Solstice!

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2013

Most people are surprised to learn that the Irish national colour is blue. Of course everyone knows that our  symbol is the harp!

But this is St. Patrick’s Day so Bear is wearing some green shamrock and sending his best wishes to all his friends.Bear on St Patrick's Day

Slainte agus saol chugaibh!  Health and long life to you!

Happy New Year

After a busy few months the bears are out and about on this beautiful first day of the New Year!

 Wishing all friends the very best in 2013 – good health and good experiences!

Dancing in Lúnasa

Can’t believe it’s already August, or Lúnasa as we say in Irish.   Bear has been doing some reading support work over the summer holidays and is now taking a break to enjoy one of his favourite activities  – berry hunting! He needed to put on glasses so as not to miss any on this bush!

Bilberry picking on the hilltops was traditional in Ireland.  Bear wants to keep up all these customs, especially dancing of course! So he’s practising his steps and was delighted with the following link from a friend Dancing. You can read more about Dancing Matt here.

Bear celebrates midsummer

Although it doesn’t feel like midsummer today – being a bit on the cool side – nature is still at its most abundant with long hours of daylight and the lushness of trees and plants.

While Bear has been busy working in his garden for the last couple of months he is now out and about for Midsummer Day. He always tries to grow plants that attract bees – so the hives will now be full of honey!! And like his big cousins in the mountains he loves the berries that are just beginning to ripen in the sunshine.

But the Midsummer Day tradition that Bear enjoys most is staying up late and dancing around a bonfire. This custom of lighting a bonfire to celebrate the sun is still practised here.  Of course in Bear’s case it has to be a candle – we don’t want our little friend getting toasted now do we?

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